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Jeanneau 54 DS Review

Jeanneau 54 DS Review

By Barry Tranter

It looks and feels like a minisuperyacht and carries as much marina cachet as would a custom yacht of the same size.

jeanneau-54dsFor me a 30 footer is a big boat. Once, when I was tugging (and losing) on a mooring line on a 44 footer I whinged to the skipper that I was not used to working big boats. He laughed at me, because his last job had been on a 128 footer. Everything is relative, as my Auntie Vida used to say as she surveyed the rollup at one of our many family funerals. Only a few years ago the Jeanneau 54 would have been regarded as enormous; nowadays she would share the marina with several other 54 footers.

And nowadays the distinctions between big and small are blurred even further by mechanical aids like electric winches and bow thrusters, which enable boats like the Jeanneau 54 DS to be handled by two people. Another definition of a big boat may be one that cannot be handled by husband and wife, with a minimum of shouting at each other. Even the Sun Odyssey’s price tag of around a million dollars (as tested the base boat is $888,000) is no longer a shock.

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