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About the Jeanneau 519

The Jeanneau 519 is the new flagship of the Jeanneau product range inspired by the successes of our other Jeanneau models. The Jeanneau 519 has been selling very well here in New England and we have configured them for charter, cruising and racing.

Drawing on the latest technological advances in naval architecture and design, the Jeanneau 519 embodies all the aspects a Jeanneau owner desires. Designed by Philippe Briand, the Jeanneau 519 combines a beautiful design, exceptional seaworthiness and unmatched comfort. The high aspect ratio rig can be adapted to a variety of different types of sailing.

Designed with a long waterline, an elegant silhouette, a tapered chine and carefully studied interior use of space, along with a hull designed for offshore cruising. Her exceptional stability and tracking are due to a well-balanced rudder and keel configuration. This balance makes the Jeanneau 519 extremely seaworthy, comfortable and safe in all conditions.

The deck, with a sleek coach roof and a spacious, sheltered cockpit, features all of the successful details of the Jeanneau line. Elongated lines, harmony in design, windows in the hull, numerous flush deck hatches, integrated running rigging, all contribute to the elegant appeal of the Jeanneau 519.

The spacious cockpit is dedicated for relaxation around a luxurious table, and outboard seating for steering or adjusting the sails. The helmsman can view one of two multifunction display screens, adjust the sails and single handle without leaving the helm stations.

Offered with a choice of two different masts and three different main sails and genoas, compatible with Code 0 sails and a variety of different spinnakers, the Jeanneau 519 affords a multitude of combinations to adapt to the needs of each customer.

Whether you are cruising or racing the Jeanneau 519 provides comfort and performance:

  • Powerful, balanced and modern hull designed by Philippe Briand that combinesa long waterline length and a hard chine for speed and comfort at sea.
  • Sleek deck lines, safe and ergonomic with flush hatches and integrated runningrigging.
  • Sail plan with a high aspect ratio. Multiple choices including: self-tacking jib,large, overlapping genoa, Code 0, furling mast, etc.
  • Safe and ergonomic cockpit with lines led back to both helm stations.

The Jeanneau 519 has beautiful aesthetics and sleek lines:

    • Large cockpit with full-function table
    • Fold-down transom for easy access to your dinghy and sundeck
    • Sleek deck with curved windows, flush panels and integrated running rigging

The Flagship of the Sun Odyssey range: Offshore cruiser, elegant and very comfortable.

Special attention has been given to great lighting, volume and ventilation:

  • A multitude of ports and hatches for ventilation and light
  • 4 distinct zones in the saloon designed to allow each to be used independentlywithout constricting movement throughout the interior
  • Light and luxury down below with solid wood, mat varnish, polishedstainless steel, leather and a full selection of interior fabrics.
  • All the key features of the Sun Odyssey range plus other options.
  • Plenty of choices available: Different interior layouts, sail plans, keel and fabrics allow each owner a high level of customization.

Jeanneau 519 Price: Contact us to discuss customizing your Jeanneau 519

LOA 15.38 m / 50′ 5″
LWL 13.92 m / 45′ 8″
Beam 4.69 m / 15′ 4″
Stand. Draft 2.28 m / 7′ 5″
Shoal Draft 1.73 m / 5′ 8″
Disp. 13900 kg / 30644 lbs
Water 615 L / 163 US GAL
Fuel 240 L / 63 US GAL
Sail Area 114 m² / 1227 sq ft
Power Yanmar 75Hp
Jeanneau 519 For Sale

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Look no hands! – Assisted Sail Trim from Jeanneau and Harken for driverless sailing?

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This new Assisted Sail Trim (AST) program, developed by Harken and Jeanneau, uses sensor-driven reversible or captive winches to allow a yacht’s sails to be trimmed, tacked or even furled automatically, writes Toby Hodges

Jeanneau 519Is the new Assisted Sail Trim (AST) program from Jeanneau and Harken sailing’s equivalent to Google’s driverless car? In essence, the system means all sail handling can be controlled from a single screen at the helm station.

The AST computer compiles data from onboard electronics, including wind, compass and gyro information from the autopilot to command the winches. It can trim the boat automatically, according to wind direction or course heading.

Who’s it for? – The advantages of AST are easy, safe sailing, when cruising short-handed on large yachts. “The big question we had to address was who are we looking to help?” says Jeanneau’s sailboat product director Erik Stromberg. He explains that there are complicated winch systems already aboard most 50ft plus yachts, but these can’t speak to each other. So the technology was already in place to cater for the current trend of people sailing bigger boats with fewer crew aboard.

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