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Buyer Questionnaire

This form is intended to assist you in your boat search and I hope you will find it to be a useful format to make this process more efficient and helpful.

You are under no obligation to use our services as a broker in this regard.

Your reply will be studied by me to send you three potential boats that might fit your needs. If you chose to reply to any of these suggestions I will reply, but otherwise, I will await for you to contact me.

Glenn Walters
Managing Partner

What is your primary intention for using the yacht? (e.g., racing, cruising, daysailing, or living aboard?)(Required)
Budget: What is your budget range for the initial purchase, and have you also considered ongoing costs like maintenance and insurance?(Required)
Insurance will be approximately 0.5% - 0.75% of insured value. Maintenance will be dependent upon age of vessel. New boats with a warranty have least amount of maintenance costs.
Have you considered a charter ownership program?(Required)
Some of our clients have their boats in a limited charter program (maximum of eight weeks) here in Newport where the annual charter revenues exceed between 50% to 100% of your annual expenses. We also have a charter program for Bahamas and New England with significant charter revenues in excess of your annual expenses. Would you like more information including the IRS Section 179 deductions?
Size Preference: How many people do you anticipate will frequently be onboard?(Required)
How many private staterooms?(Required)
How many heads?(Required)
Do you have a preferred boat length in mind? This often depends upon some of your inputs above. Above 50ft is nice for sea kindliness, but can be more of a challenge to find slips and or moorings.(Required)
New or Used: Are you leaning towards a brand-new yacht with the latest features, or are you open to exploring used options? If the boat age is greater than 20 years, there could be either insurance or financing obstacles. If less than ten years old you can expect more recent electronics and sails that are in okay condition.(Required)
If you desire used, what is your estimate of age range?
Yacht Type: Do you have a preference between monohulls, catamarans, or trimarans? What is your preference? Monohulls are the most common, but in the past ten years catamarans have experienced double digit growth.
Draft Considerations: Are there specific places you plan to sail? Would a shallow draft to be preferable, or are you more concerned with stability in open waters?(Required)
Less than six feet is often considered a shoal draft. With more than six feet of draft your boat will have better windward performance. Most of the boats on the east coast are less than six feet.
Rig Configuration: Do you have a preference in rig type, such as sloop, cutter, ketch, or yawl? Are you familiar with the differences in handling and performance? Most boats today have a sloop rig for simplicity, but rig height is also important. Less than 65 feet and you have better bridge clearances such as ICW.(Required)
Quality & Construction: Are there specific construction materials or build qualities you're targeting for durability and maintenance? Most boats are fiberglass for durability, ease of construction, and maintenance.(Required)
Must HaveLike to HaveDon't Care
In-Mast Furling
Classical Mainsail with Lazyjacks
In-Boom Furling
Air Conditioning
Power Winches
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