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You no longer want to choose between the sensations you get under sail and comfort? Discover a range of sailing catamarans that will meet your expectations. Our multihulls with their sleek lines are the answer to all your desires for dynamic sailing as well as your dream of going around the world!

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Excess is the Beneteau Group’s brand of catamarans with a fun and refreshing character. The yearning to put to sea is now taking on new desires and new needs. It was starting from this observation that we envisaged our catamarans. Our brand invites you to enjoy the pleasure of being under sail with your tribe and living new adventures at sea.

Featured Excess Yachts

Excess 11

All the features of a big boat

The Excess 11 is the only large-scale production boat on the market for this size of catamaran.

Excess 14

The pure incarnation of the excess dna

The Excess 14 is the pure incarnation of the Excess.

Excess Catamaran Models


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All the best yachts at your fingertips. Bluenose Yacht Sales offers Charter services for both leisure and racing throughout most of the year. Learn more today.

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As a leading yacht dealer in New England, We offer uncompromising service both before and after the purchase of your new Excess Catamaran yacht. Owners frequently store their yachts with us for the winter since we care for and maintain their yachts better than anyone on the East Coast.

We offer a wonderful charter program that assists to pay for your annual ownership costs and keeps your new Excess Catamaran yacht in ready-to-go condition when your busy schedule allows you to enjoy your boat in the way it is intended, hop on and GO sailing.​

We also offer a unique extended warranty program.

Whether you want a new Excess yacht, a brokerage Excess or to sell your Excess yacht, Bluenose Yacht Sales offers a quality difference that you should experience.

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