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35-ton Travel Lift

35-ton Travel Lift

To many people in the boat business this term is often an oxymoron, but at Bluenose Yacht Sales we are committed to providing service as a means of competitive differentiation. Whether you are looking for a seasonal maintenance program, total refit, or commissioning a new boat to your exact requirements, the BYS team has the experience and facilities to meet all of your needs.

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Will will meet you at your boat for a detailed analysis and schedule your boat for timely service Or stop in our Portsmouth office to meet Will directly.

Service & Warranty Request Form

Customer Information / Boat Information

Standard Warranty Procedures

1. Potential warranty claim arises.
2. Owner/customer fills out the warranty form on BYS website under the Service tab.
3. BYS receives form and submits to Jeanneau for approval within 48 hours of receipt.
4. In some instances, Jeanneau will advise either we or owner contact Yanmar and or Raymarine (for example) for a more immediate repair from the local and closest authorized Yanmar and/or Raymarine service center.
5. Jeanneau will advise if warranty is approved or denied usually within two weeks of warranty submission. If approved, owner/customer will be advised by BYS such that parts and or service will be done by BYS service staff or a BYS approved service provider and the timing thereof. If denied, BYS will advise of alternatives and discuss why denied to determine if more information is required to convince Jeanneau to accept warranty claim..
6. If this warranty is an emergency issue, owner/customer may elect to have repairs done at any time at your discretion. This is your boat and final decisions and timing thereof are ultimately at your discretion and determination. If customer/owner elects to have any failures fixed prior to step two above, we will then submit the invoices for said repairs to Jeanneau for approval and reimbursement to owner/customer. The Jeanneau warranty is contingent upon following the procedures above and they reserve the right to deny a warranty claim if there is not good faith effort by customer/owner to abide by such.

This process takes time, especially during peak season. Due to chain supply issues, there are delays from factories in shipping and confirmation of orders. We have no control over this. However, we will do our best to assist you in a timely manner. Thank you for your patience.

Due to chain supply issues, there are delays from factory in shipping and confirmation of orders. We have no control over this. If you can purchase your required parts locally, we strongly advise you do so. If you are sure you want to order these parts from BYS, please advise you are ready to provide a credit card such that the parts can be directly shipped to you.
Regardless of the selection, if no picture / video is uploaded then an addition fee will be applied to provide photos
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Other Services Requested

Over 50' or 7- foot draft will be at T&M. Please note that, in an effort to comply with more stringent environmental requirements, we will use either Pettit Hydrocoat or Eco as out default paint unless another product is specifically requested. These products are compatible with most existing paints and we strongly recommend their use over higher VOC products.
Over 50' or 7- foot draft will be time and materials. Please note that boats with "planking" finish will be at T&M.
Shipping Address
Shipping Address
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Yacht Services

  • Full service new boat commissioning
  • Full service of all types of gas and diesel engines.
  • Seasonal commissioning/decommissioning
  • Winter storage
  • Shrink wrapping
  • Scheduled maintenance programs
  • 35-ton travel lift
  • 25-ton crane available
  • Fiberglass repairs and modifications
  • Prep, painting, anti-fouling and varnish
  • AWLGRIP finishing specialists
  • Buffing, waxing and detailing
  • Power washing
  • Yacht maintenance programs
  • Electronics systems design, provisioning & installation
  • Complete rigging services
  • Custom systems design, installation and maintenance
  • Interior redesign, refit and repair
  • On-site servicing via our mobile workshop trailer