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Ryan Murphy

Ryan Murphy, Sales Partner

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Ryan Murphy, Sales Partner
Mobile: (617) 599-9830
Location: Boston, Massachusetts
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I learned to sail on a family Sunfish as a kid and then on my Grandparents Thunderbird One Design boat. When I met my wife in my mid 20’s she encouraged me to get back into sailing and it quickly became an obsession. First at Community Boating on the Charles River, then on any boat that would have me as crew. The last 10 years have been focused on One Design, inshore racing on Farr 40’s, RP Sleds, and TP 52’s and offshore racing the TransAtlantic and other point to point races mostly on Class 40’s and an RP56. Now with a young kid, I’m “settling down” a bit and focus on local Thunderbird OD racing and cruising our Wauqiez Gladiateur around New England with the family. I still try and sneak in at least one offshore race a year, though!I’d love to use my experience on all types of boats to help you find your dream yacht.