Charter Ownership Program

Charter Ownership Program

Owning your dream yacht has never been easier or more affordable. Our charter programs let you sail while we take care of your yacht, OFFSETTING THE COST OF YOUR YACHT UP TO 80%

New England Yacht Charter


Have you dreamed of owning a yacht, but the cost of ownership has held you back? Is the thought of maintenance scary? Or, are you concerned you won’t use your yacht enough to justify the expense? Great news! Bluenose Yachts Charter Ownership Programs significantly offset the cost of your yacht, we take care of all the maintenance, and you can experience tremendous tax benefits by writing off the entire purchase price of your yacht.


The BYS Purchase-Into-Charter Program can help offset your cost of ownership of your new boat. We have very attractive financing programs coupled with our charter program that will typically yield a net profit for your boat and give you significant tax advantages.

We can provide you with detailed information regarding Section 179 of the tax code on how to write off the entire purchase price of your yacht up to the legal one year limit of $500,000. While we are not tax experts, we can advise you on who to contact and why owning a yacht when placing into our charter program can provide you with fun use of your boat, quality charter management staff, and tax savings depending upon your personal tax situation.


The BYS Charter-Your-Boat Program lets you OFFSET THE COST OF YOUR YACHT UP TO 80% by including your boat in our charter fleet. As with the Purchase-Into-Charter Program, enjoy up to 10 weeks of sailing per year, expert service and maintenance, and significant tax benefits.


When you purchase a new boat and place into one of our charter fleets your potential benefits include:

  • Tax and cash flow advantages from Charter Ownership
  • Professional Maintenance and Support
  • Ownership in a larger boat than you might otherwise be able to readily afford.
  • Personal use when not in charter.

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