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Jeanneau 389 for sale

Jeanneau 389 for Sale in New England

The Sun Odyssey Jeanneau 389 represents the perfect balance of ingredients that have made the Sun Odyssey range a success.

Among the many key features incorporated into the Jeanneau 389, you’ll find first and foremost, a full sized, sleek and comfortable cruising boat. Add twin helm steering for optimal ergonomics in the cockpit, main and genoa sheets lead aft to each helm station, a modern sail plan including either self tacking or overlapping genoa and an available Code 0 reacher and you’ve got the perfect formula for the utmost in versatile sailing.

A performance-oriented hull with a sharp chine comes from the drawing boards of Marc Lombard, who also lent his talents to the sleek exterior design. Special attention was given to the ease of sail handling, the ergonomics and the modern aesthetics for the Jeanneau 389.

You’ll find the stylish interior with plenty of solid wood mouldings and an emphasis on storage and liveability will allow you to fully enjoy your destination with friends and family.

The Jeanneau 389 has multiple keel options including a specially-designed winged shoal keel and a beachable swing keel (only boat in its category to offer this version) along with twin rudders will open your cruising grounds while an “Unlimited Ocean” category A rating from the CE will get you there safely.

The Jeanneau 389 has a deck layout worthy of a 40-footer:

  • Twin helm steering for optimal ergonomics in the cockpit and ease ofhandling
  • Easy access to the water via a drop-down transom
  • Flush deck hatches

Contemporary style and comfortable cruising are key points for the Jeanneau 389

  • Multiple keel options including a specially-designed winged shoal keel and abeach-able swing keel (only boat in its category to offer this version)
  • “Unlimited Ocean” category A rating from the CE
  • Hull with hard chine and appendages designed for high-performanceand course stability
  • Sleek and modern deck lines
  • All sheets are lead aft to helm winches
  • Modern sail plans with multiple choices

You can design your Jeanneau 389 with personalisation in mind:

  • Contemporary styling that brings together traditional materials foundthroughout the Sun Odyssey range (solid wood, stainless steel, etc…)
  • Emphasis on storage and liveability with a high level of standardequipment and available options reserved for larger yachts (air conditioning,bow thruster, etc…)
  • Numerous options that are usually reserved for larger boats (airconditioning, bow thruster, etc…)
  • Plenty of functional details for the true cruiser (wet locker, large refrigerator,etc…)
  • Lots of different interior fabrics.

All the elements of the Sun Odyssey range:

  • Each area is spaciously laid out
  • Light and ventilation
  • High-end materials (leather, stainless steel and solid wood)

Price: Contact us to discuss customizing your Jeanneau 389

LOA 11.34 m / 37′ 2″
LWL 10.4 m / 34′ 1″
Beam 3.76 m / 12′ 4″
Stand. Draft 1.95 m / 6′ 4″
Shoal Draft 1.5 m / 4′ 11″
Swing Keel 1.1-2.5 m / 3′ 7″ – 7′ 4″
Disp. 6700 kg / 14740 lbs
Water 200 L / 53 US GAL
Fuel 130 L / 34 US GAL
Sail Area 70 m² / 753 sq ft
Power Yanmar 29Hp
Jeanneau 389 For Sail

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