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Jeanneau 3200 for Sale in New England

Jeanneau 3200: The Technology of Beauty

The strength of Jeanneau 3200 can be seen in the beauty of our boats. World-renowned designers and architects work with our in-house teams from the inception of each project and provide their expertise and innovative ideas. The result of this partnership: captivating and inspiring designs that stand the test of time.

Jeanneau 3200 Performance

A Jeanneau 3200 must be responsive, agile and fast. Performance encompasses not only speed but exceptional handling under power, smooth passage through heavy seas, confidence and control. Every experience onboard a Jeanneau is enhanced by our well-balanced sail plans, modern hulls, high-end sails and quality deck hardware.

Jeanneau 3200 Research & Development

A specialized Research & Design facility at Jeanneau houses 130 engineering specialists. This facility is unique in the boat-building sector, providing R&D resources usually available only to large aeronautical and automobile companies.

This Daniel Andrieu design provides effortless speed and is most definitely fun!

Conceived by Daniel Andrieu, the Sun Fast 3200 features an original, innovative design concept, to which it owes its tremendous commercial success in France and in many other European countries, as well.

Original, because the Sun Fast 3200 benefits from infusion technology, for a lightness that places it squarely in the category of offshore racers, as well as comfortable interior design features that are not available on other race boats of this size.

Innovative, because the Sun Fast 3200 is the synthesis of the one-design intended for races of equal legs in real time and the sailboat designed for fleet racing under the IRC rating system.

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LOA 10.1 m / 33′
LWL 9.78 m / 32′
Beam 3.48 m / 11′
Draft 1.9 m / 6′
Disp. 3400 kg / 7480 lbs
Water 80 L / 21 US GAL
Fuel 75 L / 20 US GAL
Sail Area 60 m² / 646 sq ft
Power 15 Hp

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Jeanneau Sun Fast 3200 Review

Sun Fast 3200 Hits Its Mark

By Dave Reed Jeanneau Sun Fast 3200The shorthanded sailing scene in Europe is on fire these days, fueled by the many solo and doublehanded races that grab the headlines. Jeanneau, the 50-year-old boatbuilder, is based in Les Herbiers, France, so it’s not surprising they’re in on the action with the Sun Fast 3200. From all accounts thus far, those who regularly go it alone, or with a mate or two, will be impressed with this versatile 33-footer.

The goal with the 3200, says its designer, Daniel Andrieu, was straightforward: a boat that is fast, simple, and safe for amateur shorthanded offshore sailors. Stiffness, as well as initial and ultimate stability, says Andrieu, topped Jeanneau’s priority list. Consequently, the boat falls on the wide side and is built as light as possible, which has allowed them to stuff nearly 3,000 pounds of its 7,496-pound light displacement into the iron fin and lead keel bulb. They get their weight savings by using resin infusion and balsa coring, and with lightweight interior components throughout, i.e., soft storage compartments and panels en lieu of cabinets and doors. Composite accents used wherever possible contribute to the boat’s weight-savings program and give it just enough high-tech flash inside to make it feel state-of-the-art.

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