Jeanneau 36i

Jeanneau 36i

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Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 36i Review

Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 36i: French Injection

By Herb McCormick

This injection molded performance cruiser has the performance and aesthetics to match its high tech build technique. A boat review from our April 2007 issue.

Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 36iWhen it comes to production boatbuilding, no one on the current manufacturing tableau does it any better than the French builder Jeanneau, and the proof of that statement is very much in evidence with the Sun Odyssey 36i. The “i” stands for injection molding, the process-in which resin is injected under pressure through closed molds-that the company employs for the 36i’s balsa-cored decks as well as for other components. It makes for lighter, stronger structures and cleaner, more environmentally friendly factories. The hull itself is hand-laid fiberglass utilizing two layers of vinylester resin, to which an internal fiberglass grid-Jeanneau calls this its “3rd Generation Hull Structure”-is glued and laminated for strength and rigidity.

All this would be rendered moot if the design itself didn’t meet a certain level of performance and aesthetics, but French naval architect Marc Lombard, who made his name with sleek and powerful offshore raceboats, conceived the 36i, and he’s delivered a boat that looks smart and modern and sails very well. In profile, the boat is clearly a member of the extended Sun Odyssey family: With its fractional rig, gentle sheer, and low-slung coach roof, it’s a classic example of a contemporary performance cruiser.

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