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Android Smartwatch for Sailing!

The world’s first Android smartwatch designed for sailing!

The most flexible and efficient tool to display all the navigation data directly on your wrist.

Take your boat under control.

esa Watch is the first smartwatch designed for sailing.

Connect through Wi-Fi to the on-board instrumentation to display the navigation data in real time directly on your wrist.

Thanks to the dedicated software it is possible to assess the sails adjustments according to the target and polar, exploiting the high-definition 1.54″ display, where all the information are right at your wrist.

In addition, it is also a complete wrist smartphone: phone calls, email, messages, Internet completely autonomous.
Built in a stylish and resilient alloy chassis (IP65, water resistant, not immersible), it is the ideal tool for non-professional sailors but also for expert sailors always needing technical data available.


Usable, innovative and versatile, esa Watch is the most practical tool you can get on board.

It has got all the functions necessary for sailing.

Thanks to the versatility of connecting through Wi-Fi, it allows the users to access directly from the wrist to the performance data of the boat.

So, the crew members can view the data processed by esa regatta watch as it happens in the most advanced team of America’s Cup.

Even the stand alone version will provide the functionality of the most advanced existing systems based on an internal GPS, a tactical compass and a help in the starting procedures.

esa Regatta Watch

  • Multi-page visualization (connected to Wifi)
  • VMG and Polar target data
  • Starting procedure
  • Boat speed and heading (via GPS)
  • Up-down wind optimization
  • Save navigation data

esa Regatta Watch, preinstalled in all our smartwatches, must be connected to one of our esa enabled GAMP gateways

esa Dinghy

 Use the potential of Esa Watch in total freedom

Thanks to internal GPS esa Dinghy app is a great instrument for sailing in any boat without any other instrument onboard.

In particular Esa Dinghy gives:

  • Boat speed and compass (GPS data)
  • Starting data (countdown and distance)
  • Optimization and analysis of directions and wind gain
  • Saving data navigation for further analysis

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