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2018 Jeanneau BVI Rendezvous: a great success! Video and pictures in post!

The Jeanneau Rendezvous took place March 10-17

Here is what Paul Fenn, President of Jeanneau America, had to say about the 2018 Jeanneau BVI Rendezvous

The British Virgin Islands are still the world’s #1 charter destination, offering awesome sailing, plenty of great anchorages, beautiful white-sand beaches, plenty of good snorkeling, and of course, the world’s best Painkillers! And there’s another reason to go to the BVI this year and that is, the Islands need us. More than anything, what the BVI could really use now are visitors, especially sailors. While some of the larger resorts are closed, most of the smaller ones such as Foxy’s, the Soggy Dollar, Cooper ISland Beach Club, and the Anagada Reef Hotel are open and ready for business. Nothing cures a quiet bar faster than a bunch of thirsty sailors! And, it’s the sailors, us who can have the greatest impact on the BVI’s recovery right now.

Bitter End Yacht Club gave bags full of goodies to participants in the Jeanneau Rendezvous! Scroll down for pictures and video!

Paul Fenn, President of Jeanneau America

Goodies from BEYC

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