Jeanneau Juin 2017

The New Jeanneau 440 Sun Odyssey

The all new Jeanneau 440 Sun Odyssey was just announced! Shipping is now available for next spring.

Philippe Briand, who has designed this boat in every detail said “in designing this new model I put in front all the convenience and simplicity of life on board. Cars are more and more comfortable, the increasingly ergonomic technology, and therefore expect that even people who go to sea. Simply put, everything today tends to be simplified.”

Based on this reasoning, the hull lines and the boat deck concept were a direct consequence.

There are no longer any obstacles between the decks and the cockpit, the deck descends gently from the bow towards the stern (the difference in level is about 60 cm) until arriving at the same level of the wheels seamlessly.

This  solution has already been adopted on board the super yachts but had not yet been seen on boats of this size and that goes to exploit a generally unused space on board the boats. But what are the benefits?

First of all, the absence of obstacles in the circulation on board: it is not in fact necessary to climb over to pass from the cockpit to catwalk, this allows you to have the benches with a higher backrest to the full advantage of the cockpit protection and improves the view from wheelhouse area because it allows the helmsman to steer from a more external position.

 The backs of the benches of the cockpit can be extended outward to create a giant sunbed which exploits the whole width of the boat. The cockpit can then become as wide as the boat.

At the center of the cockpit there is a table with lifting wings that creates a real dining area, inside the table there is a portable and rechargeable refrigerator with an outlet.

Three key features of the Jeanneau 440 Sun Odyssey

Redefining movement onboard

Full featured interior

Perfecting Sailing

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