The Abacos Charter Guide: Day 2, Noname Key & Green Turtle Cay

Noname Key

Yesterday, after a great night’s sleep we got up early and set sail from Harbour View Marina to Noname Key. The sail was quite comfortable and the view was beautiful. We passed many other cruisers on our 4 1/2 hour journey to our destination. Once we found a spot to anchor, dropped the swim platform and prepared to go to shore. Noname Key is the home of “Piggyville”, a little village of about a dozen pigs and piglets.

Nobody is quite sure how long the pigs have been on the island or how they got there. Locals Craig and Jan Russell make multiple trips to the island every week to care for the pigs. You can learn more about them by clicking here. The pigs are free to roam and tourists often bring them food. Some of the pigs are very friendly and will walk up to tourists while others prefer to rest in the shrubs.

Piggyville was the perfect first stop to make. We were able to pet the pigs, relax in the shade and take a walk on the beach. After spending a couple of hours there we thought it time to head to our next stop. So, we grabbed our things and hopped in the dinghy. Scroll down to see pictures from Piggyville and to read about our time at Green Turtle Cay!

Green Turtle Cay

Green Turtle Cay is located just to the Northwest of Noname Key. To save a little time we decided to motor the short distance. It only took about an hour from hoisting anchor to dropping again. I was amazed at how blue and clear the water was. We were able to see the anchor chain from the bow.

Image may contain: dessert and food

Freshly made cinnamon buns at McIntosh Restaurant & Bakery

We did not have any goals for Green Turtle Cay aside from exploring and finding a place to eat. Two things caught my attention as soon as we arrived. The first thing would be the golf carts. Outside of Marsh Habour, golf carts seem to be the main form of transportation. It was interesting to see everyone riding on their golf carts on their way to church all dressed up.

I could not believe how blue the water was!

The second thing that caught my attention were the abundance of decorations. Throughout the island decorations hung from telephone polls and lit up archways covered roads. We managed to find our way to the center of town. There we saw the Memorial Sculpture Garden. The garden consists 24 busts of prominent Bahamians who represent different islands.

The garden commemorates the loyalists who left America to start a new life in the Bahamas. In the center there is a large structure with two bronze statues. One of the figures holds a conch shell while the other holds the Union Jack. The garden is free and there is a box at the gate for donations. It is open year round.

We continued to make our way through the town. There were multiple cafe’s, public restrooms, liquor stores, a grocery store, gift shops, a museum and a library. You can read about the Albert Lowe Museum by clicking here. We decided to walk down to the Leeward Yacht Club and then make our way back to town. The yacht club is open to the public and offers a pool, boat slips and a restaurant and bar with a great view. You can take a look at their menu by clicking here.

After taking a break at the
club to grab a drink and dip our feet in the pool, we headed back to town. Once we got back to the main drag, we stopped to eat at McIntosh Restaurant & Bakery. Their menu has many fish and chicken options and their bakery section is unbelievable. To take a look at what they have to offer click here. After dinner we slowly wandered back to the dinghy. We got to witness a gorgeous sunset before heading off to bed.




The last two sunsets have been amazing. Featured: our very comfortable and sleek Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 519!

  • All of the locals were very friendly and offered advice on places to go and things to see. Multiple times locals would pull over in their golf carts and offer us rides to wherever we were going.
  • It can get very hot during the day
    • Don’t forget to pack sunglasses, hats and plenty of sunblock.
  • Bugs
    • The mosquito’s weren’t bad but it might be a good idea to pack a little bug spray.
  • Nights can be a little chilly
    • I would recommend bringing a couple pairs of light pants and jacket or sweatshirt. Once the sun sets the temperature drops a little bit.

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Stay tuned! Tomorrow we’ll explore Nunjack Cay!

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