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Performance meets luxury

Elevate Your Sailing Experience

Introducing the all-new Saffier SL 46—where stunning sailing performance meets ultimate luxury. Our spacious cockpit invites you to embrace the outdoors and revel in nature’s beauty. Inside, the luxurious interior, designed with premium materials, feels like home. Experience unmatched comfort and style on your journey.

Unique sailing experience

This exceptional yacht is crafted for all types of waters and tailored for singlehanded sailing. The SL 46 features a powerful yet easily to control rig and sailplan, ensuring a blend of pure, fast sailing controlled from the helmsman position. Navigate the waves and experience the rush as you reach new heights of speed and performance. With its lightweight build hull, this yacht guarantees spectacular performance in all conditions, achieving thrilling speeds upwind or downwind—a resonant experience for sailing enthusiasts.

Wow-factor interior

Experience unparalleled luxury with our spacious interior, designed for the perfect holiday getaway. Fully equipped with a full-size galley, luxurious bathrooms, and three cabins featuring double beds, our yacht ensures your comfort and convenience. What sets us apart is our unique styling, using premium fabrics and luxury materials to create a simple yet sophisticated ambiance. Your unforgettable nautical retreat starts here.

The outdoor living room

Now, let’s explore the heart of the Saffier SL 46—the cockpit. This standout feature not only offers unparalleled space, significantly surpassing other sailing yachts in its size range, but it’s also designed with lots of comfort and thoughtful ergonomics. We believe in creating a space where you can enjoy the beauty of nature and be enthralled by your surroundings alongside friends and family. Think of it as your outdoor living room—a perfect setting for memorable moments at sea.

The Choice Is Yours

SL 46 Med Or SL 46 North

Explore boundless possibilities with our all-new 46-foot Saffier, now available in two remarkable versions. The SL 46 MED boasts movable benches and a low aft deck, transforming the entire cockpit into a relaxing swimming platform—an ideal space for unwinding in stunning bays. On the other hand, the SL 46 NORTH provides a unique advantage with a dinghy garage at the stern, ensuring your dinghy is always ready for use. This allows easy access to remote locations, anchoring, and seamless island or marina exploration. Revel in the additional benefit of an expansive sun platform just aft of the helmsman, making your sailing experience truly extraordinary.

Choose the version that suits your lifestyle and your sailing area.

It's a lifestyle

Choosing the Saffier SL 46 isn’t just buying a boat—it’s embracing a lifestyle of adventure, luxury, and the freedom to explore stunning places. Elevate your sea journey with the Saffier SL 46, turning every trip into an unforgettable story. When the sea calls, answer with the simplicity and charm of the Saffier SL 46.


Length13,75 mtr
Width4,45 mtr
Length overall14,90 mtr
Depth standard2,20 mtr
Total weight10900 kg
Ballast keel3800 kg
Depth racekeel2,60 mtr
Mainsail68 m²
Mastheight above water22,60 mtr
Self-tracking jib50 m²
Number of spreaders2
EngineYanmar 4JH45
Code zero163 m²
Gennaker179 m²
Total sail area upwind118 m²
Number of berths6
Fuel tank220 ltr
Watertank400 ltr
Waste watertank80 ltr
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