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Saffier SE 24ft Light for Sale in New England

Driven by


A sailing yacht which is in full content with the environment of today. An electric propulsion system which is charged 24/7 by the integrated solar panels. A sailing yacht which can be rigged up or down in a blink of an eye. Easily transportable and can be launched off a trailer or hoisted out of the water by a single hoist lifting point.

And last but not least, the ultimate sailing experience, single handed, with family or racing at full speed. Meet the new great looking Saffier Se 24 Lite.

Designed with speed and safety in mind

  • Length 7.10 mtr
  • Width 2.40 mtr
  • Length overall 8 mtr
  • Depth standard 1.30 mtr
  • Total weight 1200 kg
  • Depth shallow 1.15 mtr
  • Ballast keel 450 kg
  • Depth racekeel 1.44 mtr
  • Mainsail 20 m²
  • Mastheight above water 10.50 mtr
  • Self-tacking jib 11 m²
  • Number of spreaders 1
  • 110% jib 12.5 m²
  • Engine Torqeedo 3.0 POD
  • Code zero 41 m²
  • Certification CE norm C
  • Gennaker 48 m²
  • Trailerable Yes
  • Total sail area upwind 33 m²
  • Number of berths 2


Reverse bow

The reverse bow of the Saffier Se 24 Lite gives the modern and sharp look. With the pointy bow she cuts through the waves like a knife.


A closer look reveals her family character: a large uncluttered cockpit for 6 persons with sundeck and easy acces to the water

Charging at home or in the car

Instruments and lights can be taken off the boat and recharged in your car, back home or with a power bank.

Fully powered by nature

Solar panel charged

With the integrated solar panels the Saffier Se 24 Lite is truly self-supporting. The custom made solar panels are integrated to be one with the design of the boat, creating a clean deck layout and generating enough power to constantly charge the Torqeedo 3.5 kW battery for electric propulsion any time, anywhere. Instruments and lights can be taken off the boat and recharged in your car, back home or with a power bank.


Sailing fast in a safe way

Ultimate speed, high performance and striking looks is what the new Saffier Se 24 Lite shows at first sight. Sailing in full control, singlehanded with all sheets close at hand and double digits on your rechargeable display. To achieve high speeds she has a modern hull shape with a good form stability. This is achieved by a flat underwater section in the hull and a 2.40 m beam. A lightweight boat is key for performance.

Key features

  • Driven by nature
  • High level of sustainability
  • Super easy to rig up and down
  • Fast sailing downwind and upwind
  • A high stability ratio keeping her safe at all times
  • Large ergonomic cockpit with sundeck
  • Inside room for 2 persons to sleep
  • Can be used on oceans, seas and lakes
  • Single point lifting
  • Easy to trailer
  • No compromises in materials
  • Designed and built by the largest manufacturer worldwide in luxury day- and weekend sailers

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