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Excess 12

excess catamarans
Cruising World's Boat of the Year 2020


Like all the catamarans of our range, EXCESS 12 is for those who dream of a cruising catamaran that provides real sailing sensations. The view from the helm, the finesse of the sail trimming, the friendliness of the cockpit, the sliding sunroof, allow the whole crew to fully live the experience on board.

Available in 3 & 4 cabin versions (Number of berths 4 to12)

excess 12 catamaran


EXCESS 12 has an assertive and qualitative personality which breaks with the codes of traditional sailing. Its design embodies both sportsmanship and modernity. EXCESS 12 is a sophisticated, balanced and refined boat with a strong perso­nality: sleek lines, elegant proportions, perfect balance.

EXCESS 12 was designed by the successful and awarded naval architect agency, VPLP design. Since Patrick Le Quément focused on its exterior design, Nauta Design focused on the interior design making sure EXCESS 12 is as beautiful as you could dream of.

By racing for cruising pleasure

Super high aspect ratio rig, Pulse line (a boosted rig to get + 10% SA/DSP), Signature textile lifelines with fluorescent plaits, Dyneema steering cables to improve responsiveness & sensitivity, Titanium coated aluminium stanchions and cleats…everything is there to wake up all your thrilling senses of sailor!

excess 12 interior

Modern atmosphere

The EXCESS 12 has been designed to provide you with a fresh and contemporary atmosphere on your boat. Light and bright with a refreshing interior, simplicity with the essence of a good design, Cedar & White blend woodwork… Get customised your own catamaran by choosing in between three carefully designed ambiences !

To the stars

The EXCESS 12 gives you the unique oppportunity to adapt your boat according to your mood: discreet, outgoing,…trim the sliding sunroof as you feel. The roof vanishes providing a clear view of the sky, a perfect vision of the sails and a fresh breeze at anchor.

Ouverture 2
Double Poste

steering station

From one steering station to another, the EXCESS 12 is open to an ideal view of the sails, the sea and to the bows. Get thrilling sensations at the wheel in an intimate connection with your boat. Manoeuvring control is at your fingertips!

Price: Contact us to discuss customizing your boat

Length overall 11.73 m / 38’5″
Waterline length 11.46 m / 37’6″
Beam 6.73 m / 22’1″
Mast Clearance 18,27 m / 59’11″
Draft 1.35 m / 4’5″
Fuel Capacity 2×200 L / 2×53 US gal
Engine 2×29 CV / 2×45 HP
Sail Area 60 m² / 646 sq ft
Power 15 Hp