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Saffier SE 37 Lounge

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New features on Saffier Se 37 Lounge


Summertime. Holidays are in full swing and it is busy on the water. We have been busy with a lot of deliveries across the globe. We had several boats delivered in Holland, Germany, Norway, France and the United States. We delivered a very special Saffier Se 37 Lounge to Cannes last week, this boat was supplied with a lot of new features. Within this post we will explain the new features.


Saffier Se 37 LoungeDelivery in Cannes, France


This Saffier Se 37 Lounge ‘Omaka’ is the first of Se 37’s which will be supplied with new features. Omaka has a furling mainsail, this means the mainsail furls in the boom which results in an easy to handle mainsail in all conditions. We also added a jetthruster in the bow which make the boat very easy to manoeuvre in the marina. And on request of the owner we made two very luxurious seats behind the steeringwheels.

For the furling mainsail system we used a boom from a Danish company called Furlerboom. This system is easy to use and durable. To hoist and lower the sail we use the electric winches on board. It is even possible to put a reef in the mainsail just by furling in the main for a bit.





The Saffier Se 37 Lounge Omaka is equiped with a waterjet bowthruster. This means water is blown out to port or starboard side to move the front of the boat. The bowthruster makes it very easy manoeuvre in the harbour while docking the boat.






To make the life of the helmsman as comfortable as possible while helming the boat, we designed and produced luxurious seats behind both steeringwheels.
Even the seats can be turn around the face to the lounge area of the boat to join all the family and friends on board.




To make the boat even more easy to use for her owner, we installed an extra permanent forestay. We put UV-ply (which makes the sail UV resistant) on the back of the Code zero. This means the owner does not have to hoist the Code zero before heading out for a sailing trip.




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