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54’ Grand Soleil 54 2009 | Panta Rhei

Annapolis, MD, US



Panta Rhei was delivered to Annapolis from the BVI 3 years ago. She was hauled, shrink wrapped and stored at Bert Jabin’s Yacht Yard since then.

Sailing photos credit Billy Black for Cruising World

Photos and details to follow. Easy to see in Annapolis.

Listing is under construction. Loaded with options such as:

3 staterooms, 3 heads plus bow cabin accessed from deck hatch with 2 single bunks and a head

Generator 8KW and A/C
Sat phone
5 electric winches
Cockpit cushions
Asymetrical spinnaker, 2 jibs (1 carbon), storm jib
hydraulic back stay and vang

This one owner 54 Grand Soleil has received excellent care and updating. Recent examples are:

New Bow Thruster 2017
New Carbon Mainsail 2017
New Bimini Dodger & Covers 2018
Navtec replaced, rigging inspection 2017
Windlass replaced 2016
2 new A/C units and pumps 2017/18

Yacht Overview

  • Yacht Details Grand Soleil
  • Year 2009
  • Location Annapolis, MD, US
  • EnginesDiesel
  • Asking Price$450,000

Have a question about this yacht?

Have a Question about this Yacht?


Manufacturer Provided Description and measurements

This is the brand new (2007-2018) Luca Brenta designed Grand Soleil 54′, launched at the Genoa Boat Show this October and immediately voted “Yacht of the Year”. The Grand Soleil 54′ incorporates all the luxuries that are common to a custom yacht, but engineered and developed as a production, and therefore affordable yacht. In harmony with the current Grand Soleil range, the integral galvanized steel frame provides the structural heart of the yacht. With below deck “Reckman” furling, all lines lead aft and below deck, a standard “german” mainsheet system, also below deck, integral transom garage, this yacht is brimming with the most up-to-date features. All deck hatches are flush, hull windows provide increased natural light to all cabins.


Model Grand Soleil 54 Version Standard Hull type Monohull Category Offshore racer-cruiser sailboat Sailboat builder Cantiere Del Pardo Sailboat designer Brenta Design Sailboat range Grand Soleil Country Italy Construction GRP (glass reinforced polyester):
Sandwich PVC fiberglass vinylester (vacuum infusion) First built hull 2007 Last built hull 2018 Appendages Keel : T-shaped keel (with bulb) Helm Twin helm wheels Rudder Single spade rudder Unsinkable No Trailerable No EC design category  iThe CE design category indicates the ability to cope with certain weather conditions (the sailboat is designed for these conditions)

A: Wind < force 9, Waves < 10m
B: Wind < force 8, Waves < 8m
C: Wind < force 6, Waves < 4m
D: Wind < force 4, Waves < 0,5m A Standard public price ex. VAT (indicative only) About  590 000 €  (2017)


Grand Soleil 54’s main dimensions


Hull length 53’ 7”16.35 m Waterline length 48’ 8”14.85 m Beam (width) 15’ 4”4.65 m Draft 8’ 11”2.7 m Light displacement (MLC) 35274 lb16000 kg Ballast weight 14330 lb6500 kg Ballast type Steel fin with lead bulb


Grand Soleil 54’s rig and sails


Upwind sail area 1668 ft²155 m² Mainsail area 969 ft²90 m² Solent area 700 ft²65 m² I  iFore triangle height (from mast foot to fore stay top attachment) 66’ 5”20.24 m J  iFore triangle base (from mast foot to bottom of forestay) 18’ 6”5.65 m P  iMainsail hoist measurement (from tack to head) 68’ 2”20.79 m E  iMainsail foot measurement (from tack to clew) 24’7.3 m Rigging type Sloop Marconi fractional Mast configuration Keel stepped mast Rotating spars No Number of levels of spreaders 3 Spreaders angle Swept-back Spars construction Aluminum spars (carbon fiber spars as an option) Standing rigging Single-strand (ROD)


Grand Soleil 54’s performances


Upwind sail area to displacement  iThe ratio sail area to displacement is obtained by dividing the sail area by the boat’s displaced volume to the power two-thirds.

The ratio sail area to displacement can be used to compare the relative sail plan of different sailboats no matter what their size.

Upwind: under 18 the ratio indicates a cruise oriented sailboat with limited performances especially in light wind, while over 25 it indicates a fast sailboat. 263 ft²/T24.41 m²/T Displacement-length ratio (DLR)  iThe Displacement Length Ratio (DLR) is a figure that points out the boat’s weight compared to its waterline length. The DLR is obtained by dividing the boat’s displacement in tons by the cube of one one-hundredth of the waterline length (in feet).
The DLR can be used to compare the relative mass of different sailboats no matter what their length:

a DLR less than 180 is indicative of a really light sailboat (race boat made for planning), while a DLR greater than 300 is indicative of a heavy cruising sailboat. 138 Ballast ratio  iThe Ballast ratio is an indicator of stability; it is obtained by dividing the boat’s displacement by the mass of the ballast. Since the stability depends also of the hull shapes and the position of the center of gravity, only the boats with similar ballast arrangements and hull shapes should be compared.

The higher the ballast ratio is, the greater is the stability. 41 % Critical hull speed  iAs a ship moves in the water, it creates standing waves that oppose its movement. This effect increases dramatically the resistance when the boat reaches a speed-length ratio (speed-length ratio is the ratio between the speed in knots and the square root of the waterline length in feet) of about 1.2 (corresponding to a Froude Number of 0.35) . This very sharp rise in resistance, between speed-length ratio of 1.2 to 1.5, is insurmountable for heavy sailboats and so becomes an apparent barrier. This leads to the concept of “hull speed”.
The hull speed is obtained by multiplying the square root of the waterline length (in feet) by 1.34.
9.35 knots


Grand Soleil 54’s auxiliary engine


Engine(s) 1 inboard engine Engine(s) power 110 HP Fuel type Diesel Fuel tank capacity 105.7 gal400 liters


Grand Soleil 54’s accommodations and layout


Cockpit Open aft cockpit Cabin(s) 3 Berth(s) (min./max.) 6 / 8 Head(s) 3 Freshwater tank capacity 158.5 gal600 liters Boiler capacity 10.6 gal40 liters



Additional Description


  • At Cantiere del Pardo, maximum priority is given to the question of safety and structural strength.
  • The galvanized steel grid, which is attached to the hull with a metal/acrylic chemical bond and further reinforced with a multiaxial cloth, provides stiffness and strength unheard of in laminated hull structures.
  • The one piece grid structure is designed to uniformly distribute keel, mast and chain plate loads.
  • This has the added advantage of lowering the C of G of the boat and also improving the stiffness of the hull thus providing the owner with superior sailing characteristics.