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40’ Farr 40 1997 | Katahdin

Barrington, RI, US



Katahdin has been showered with high quality modifications, superb ownership, and precision maintenance.

This Farr 40 was built at Carroll Marine in Rhode Island, is Hull 006, and has seen incredible upgrades from 2019 to 2022.

Yacht Overview

  • Yacht Details Farr
  • Year 1997
  • Location Barrington, RI, US
  • EnginesDiesel
  • Asking Price$175,000

Have a question about this yacht?

Have a Question about this Yacht?



The Bruce Farr office designed this 40 to fill the gap between the Mumm 30 and the Corel 45. The D/L is 110 and the ballast-to-displacement ratio is 47 percent. Draft is 8 feet 6 inches; note the size of the bulb on the fin. With super high-tech construction techniques and this amount of ballast, you can imagine how low the overall vertical center of gravity of the entire boat is. You can figure that your typical, generic American cruiser-racer has a VCG at or near the DWL. The Farr 40 probably has a VCG about 12 inches below the DWL. This translates to lots of sail carrying power. That’s what it’s all about, i.e. horsepower per pound in a manageable package.

Construction of the 40 includes epoxy, E-glass, foam composite and wet pre-preg fabrics. The entire hull and deck are post-cured in an oven. The keel is a steel fin with a lead bulb coated in epoxy. There is a Yanmar 30-horsepower diesel with a saildrive unit. Note that the engine is turned 180 degrees, putting the prop immediately aft of the keel…

…The mast is carbon fiber with double, swept spreaders. The spreaders are swept to an angle of 20 degrees, measured at the chainplates. Note that the chainplates are almost at the rail, indicating that the jibs will sheet inside of the shrouds…

On deck this boat is laid out with the knowledge that Farr has gained through the past 10 years of almost total domination of offshore racing events. Crew weight is pushed forward out of the stern. Most cruisers would be amazed at just how easy it is to sail a boat like this.

I’m sure this will be a wonderful boat. Barry Carroll’s crew is as good as any and produces boats with wonderful finish detailing. The Farr 40 should be able to win in any fleet…

Fun, easy-to-sail racer with a lot of horsepower.

-Perry Design Review: Farr 40  by Bob Perry

Modifications and Updates

2.5M long bow sprit

SK99 bobstay with spare

Carbon Bow rails, open front

LED bow lights

Carbon rollers on upper lifeline

New bow hatch with spacer to allow full articulation

2 x Masthead spinnaker halyards

1 x Fractional spinnaker halyard

1 x Centerline halyard genoa staysail sheave box added in mast with messenger

2 x PBO Blend topmast running backstays

3:1 runner tails with 75mm black magic blocks

6 x Spinlock XTS clutches with Ceramic jaws

New inhauler T2 blocks with new control lines and strops

New jib car puller strops and control lines

Outhaul and cunningham routed to the pit, new blocks, strops and control lines

Cockpit windows deleted

Addition of down tubes for spin sheets – 4 extras for future install in storage

Deletion of foot chocks in cockpit

Floor twings converted for use with Fractional furling A5

Cockpit pod deleted

Harken Flatwinder for powered push button traveler control

All new traveler blocks

New traveler strops

New traveler car for soft attachment

New low profile foot rails for main trimmer and driver

Custom carbon low profile tiller

New Spinlock tiller extension

New LED center stern light

New Harken 75mm Wide spin sheet blocks in aft corners

New 57mm double foot blocks for spin sheets

New 40.2STP Performa self tailing pit winches

New 50.3STP Performa self tailing primaries

New 46.2STP Performa self tailing mainsheet  winches

New 46.2STP Performa self tailing Runner winches

3 x 10″ locking Double winch handles

6 x Harken one touch winch handles

2 x 8″ Harken Speed Grip winch handles

Carbon stern rails

Aqua traction flooring in medium gray in cockpit

Aqua traction flooring in medium gray in cabin floor

New cadet gray interior cushion covers

New laptop cut out in nav table

Head replaced with Porta potty

Galley seacock replaced

New Baltoplate bottom wet sanded to 600 grit

Backstay chain plate removed, backstay hydraulic hose removed, soft attachments done with new Harken Gizmos

Cockpit floor and walls repainted with rolled durepox

8 x velcro winch handle holders – handles have corresponding velcro

New cockpit boom awning in bag with caribiners for quick deploy

New sail cover in silver sunbrella

Vang led below deck exit after at tiller ala TP52

Harken System A Mainsail Track system

Anomoly headboard system for Square top mainsail

Harken Vangmaster replacement vang

All new Running Rigging (see running rigging list)

Sail Inventory

1 x Square top mainsail – Brand new being built winter ’22-’23

1 x class mainsail has 1.5 season on it

1 x Structured luff furling fractional A5 on reflex furling unit

1 x masthead A1

2  x Masthead A2 – bow up sail

2 x masthead A2 deep angle – one has 1 event on it

1 x Masthead A4

1 x J1 jib

1 x J2 jib

1 x J3 jib

1 x Jib Top

1 x storm jib

Running Rigging


1 main halyard 2:1, 8mm, 52 material, solid black, Dyneema

1 masthead spinnaker halyard 8mm 99 poly tech solid green

1 masthead spinnaker halyard 8mm 99 poly tech red green

1 FR0 halyard 8mm 99 poly techd k blue integrated soft shackle

1 Jib halyard 8mm 99 poly tech natural/blue


1 mainsheet10mm 99 poly tech black

3 jib sheet 10mm 99 poly tech black

3 spinnaker sheet 8mm 99 lancelingreen 1set – red 1 set

Control Lines:

1 Tackline 1:1 8mm 99 poly tech orange

1 Tackline 2:1 8mm78 poly tech yellow

1 Cunningham tackle line 6mm sk99 poly

1 Vang tackle line 6mm Superswift red

1 Outhaul tackle line 5mm sk99 poly covered red

1 Traveler10mm Furler 50 red

2 Jib inhauler tackle line 5mm sk99 poly covered grey

2 Jib car tackle line 6mm sk99 poly covered black

1  3:1 Twing 5mm 78 poly tech grey/black

Loops and Strops:

2 Jjib car strop 5mm SK99 grey/black

2 Jib inhauler strop 5mm SK99 grey/black

1 Backstay Strop  SK99 grey/black

1 Outhaul strop 18mm SK99 grey/black

1 Outhaul strop 26mm SK99 grey/black

1 Cunningham strop 4mm SK99 grey/black

1 Vang strop 16mm SK99 grey/black

1 Vang strop 25mm SK99 grey/black

2 Traveler strops–SK99 grey

2 Aft Spin sheet loops–SK99 grey/black loop

2 Fwd spin sheet loops–SK99 grey/black loop

2 Fwd Mainsheet block loops–SK99 grey/black loop

1 Aft Boom mainsheet block–SK99 grey/black loop

1 Mainsheet 180 block strop–SK99 grey/black

1 Sprit end loop – 1:1 tack–SK99 grey/black loop

1 Sprit end loop – 2:1 tack–SK99 grey/black loop

1 Sprit end offset loop–SK99 grey/black loop

1 Bobstay–SK99 grey/black

1 Bobstay lashing3mm SK99 grey/black

2 Mast collar tie downs–SK99 grey/black

1 Fraculator 4mm SK99 grey/black T5

1 Bow lacing 3mm SK99 grey/black


B&G MHVU carbon

B&G H5000 Hercules processor

Boat Speed sensor

Heading sensor

B&G 2020 display x 4

B&G H5000 GFD

B&G Zeus 9″ display with east coast navionics card

Garmin GNX 120 displays x 2 for runner tension

B&G VHF with remote ram mic

2021 Diverse load pin with HLA NMEA 2000 interface