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Saffier Se 26 ft

Saffier Se 26 ft for Sale in New England

The Saffier Se 26 ft: the new generation open daysailer

The Saffier Se 26 ft open day sailor is the new generation open sailing yacht. Produced by a wharf that has proven its qualities in the past years.

A yacht to show

Her beautifully lined hull combined with a modern underwater ship, deck layout and rigging make her a yacht that turns heads. The Saffier Se 26 ft open day sailor can be sailed completely from the helmsmen position. All the sheets, halyards, reefing lines and kicking-strap lead to the winch consoles that can be managed within the reach of the helmsmen.

Comfortable and sportive

The Saffier Se 26 open day sailor can easily seat 8 people comfortably. The sprayhood can easily be set up in no time. Because the Saffier Se 26 ft open day sailor is a fast and sportive sailor, she can also be equipped with a spinnaker or genaker. For those that have no limitations with depth, the Saffier Se 26 ft open day sailor is equipped with a deeper modern bulb keel in combination with a deep spade rudder. The Saffier Se 26 ft open day sailor is equipped with two cabins in the front and can be fitted with a toilet, refrigerator and cooker – sink. Additionally, there is a lot of storage room for storing clothes, food and other goods.

Attractive and ergonomic

The jib is self tacking and the furling system is below decks to make the shelf of the jib run nicely over deck. Especially noticeable about the Saffier Se 26 ft open day sailor is the possibility to equipe the yacht with either a tiller or a helm. The cockpit is very spacious and a lot of attention has been paid to ergonomics.

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Length: 8m
Width: 2.45m
Depth: 1.03m
Depth Race Keel: 1.30m
Total Weight: 1600kg
Weight Keel: 760kg
Weight Race Keel: 720kg
Total Sail Area Upwind: 36m
Mainsail: 20m
Self-Tacking Jib: 10.85m
Job 108%: 16m
Genaker: 45m
Spinaker: 42m
Number of Spreaders: 2
Mast Height Above Waterline: 10.60m
Type of Engine: Yanmar 15 HP diesel
Diesel Tank Capacity: 45l
Number of Berths: 4
Certification: CE standards complying with coast C

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