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The Saffier Se 23 ft: harmonic lines and great sailing performance

The all new Saffier Se 23 ft is designed for those whom enjoy quality, harmonic lines and great sailing performance. The ideal small Yacht to enjoy a nice day of sailing with friends or family, but also to finish with results while racing around the cans.

A feast for the eye

The Saffier Se 23 ft is a modern build, small daysailer with beautiful harmonic lines with classical influences. The modern underwater hull has low displacement and the combination with a state of the art rig will give her striking performances while looking graceful on the water.

Cut trough waves

With her narrow entry bow the Saffier Se 23 ft cuts easily through choppy waves while maintaining her speed. A lot of thought has been given to the hull lines transcending from the modern bow to the classic stern. Under 10 % heel she will use her full water length sailing up wind and perform above her polarities. Downwind this daysailer will match her polarities up to 15 knots of wind.

Easily sailed by one person

The Saffier Se 23 ft can easily be sailed by one person. The helmsman has the tiller, mainsheet and the sheet of the self tacking jib right at their hands. Central behind the coach roof there are 2 winches easy accessible to hoist the mainsails and unfurl the jib The furling system of the jib is placed underneath deck. All lines can be stowed away in the sides of the cockpit ensuring a rope free cockpit floor. All lines run underneath the roof or the deck. A genaker can be set on a genaker pole. For the more performance orientated sailors a( optional) light genua (non self tacking) and spinnaker can be set.

Price: Contact us to discuss customizing your Saffier SE 23

Length: 7.11m
Beam: 2.11m
Depth: 1m
Total Weight: 1100kg
Keel Weight: 510kg
Total Sail Area Upwind: 28.8m
Mainsail: 16.4m
Self-Tacking Jib: 10.2m
Jib 108%: 12.4m
Genaker: 39m
Spinaker: 35m
Number of Spreaders: 1
Mast Height Above Waterline: 8.5m
Type of Engine: Mastervolt 2.4 KW

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Saffier Se 23 Video

Saffier Se 23 Video

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