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Italia 15.98 Sailing Yacht for Sale in New England

In the project of the Italia 15.98 revives the tradition of the great fast cruiser oceanic updated according to the latest knowledge in the field of hydrodynamics and the study on the hulls. The main purpose of the whole project is to obtain a complete and all round boat, with fast cruiser’s performance but behavior at sea of an ocean-going vessel. All encased in classic and original forms at the same time, the result of a thorough study on the concepts and forms that have immortalized the most beautiful boats produced in history. A sailboat sincere and trustworthy, in the manner as in the embodiment where you can live long periods tasting all the joys that the sailing cruise will offer.

Italia 15.98 Yacht Sailing, seriously because sailing is always a serious matter

Sailing is one of the oldest human activities existing; the whole development of our civilization is related to sailing. The greatest epic poems tell of storms and gods related to the sea and the wind. When the man stopped sailing for living, he started to do it for pleasure. But the rules, nature, emotions, are always the same. And the navigation requires the same principles: respect for the elements, safety, comfort. Because sailing, even for pleasure, is always a serious matter.

Italia 15.98 Yacht Innovation within tradition everything is designed for a complete and prolonged life on board

In recent years many of the boats offered on the market have been developed in a scenic and “sedentary” perspective, following fashion aesthetic details that limit or eliminate the qualities needed for long voyages. The Italian boatyard Italia Yachts was founded in 2010 with the aim of achieving real sailboats. Taking up the tradition of the most famous Italian manufacturers who have written the history of yachting, as Sangermani, Costaguta, D’Este, the Italia Yachts boats join the style and Made in Italy taste to the quality and characteristics of the boats for real sailing. Everything on board of the Italia Yachts is designed and made for a complete and prolonged life on board without sacrifices, both in navigation and in the bays.

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LOA 16.60 m (55 ft)
LWL 14.00 m (46 ft)
Beam 4.85 m (15,4 ft)
Draft 2.90 m (9,5 ft) / 2.60 m (8,5 ft)
Displacement 15.800 Kg (34.800 lbs ca)
Ballast 5.700 Kg ca (12.570 lbs ca)
Water n° 2 x 350 l – total 700 l ca
Fuel Fuel n° 2 + 1 total 600 l ca
Sail Area Mainsail + Jib 176 m2 (861 ft2)
Power Diesel 75 Hp / 55 Kw (Optional 110 Hp)

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Italia 15.98 Yacht Review

Italia 15.98 boat test – a cool performer

By Toby Hodges

Italia-15.98 for saleWith styling as cool as Italian gelato, the Italia 15.98 was one of the stand-out yachts in trials for the European Yacht of the Year. But does she perform? Toby Hodges finds out.

From supercars and pointy shoes to novel pasta shapes, Italian design is lauded the world over. But it can lack practicality – there’s no room for the kids in a Ferrari, Gucci heels are terrible off-road and linguine simply translates to sauce on your shirt. This new Italia Yachts model is as true to this generalisation as it is to its patriotic name.

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