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Italia 13.98 Sailing Yacht for Sale in New England

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Italia 15.98 Review

Italia 15.98 boat test – a cool performer

by Toby Hodges
Italia-15.98The 50 oozes speed and streamlined comfort, with the long sheer and sleek deckhouse pioneered by Finland’s Nautor, which is now a sine-qua-non of this type of boat. A tapering blue line accents the 50’s sheer and it has a classic, if rounded, look, with a beamy transom that provides additional stability downwind. The powerful hull, with its slightly winged keel, is easily driven but displaces just over 31,000 pounds. This makes it a heavier boat, but not excessively so when compared with its luxury competitors.

From supercars and pointy shoes to novel pasta shapes, Italian design is lauded the world over. But it can lack practicality – there’s no room for the kids in a Ferrari, Gucci heels are terrible off-road and linguine simply translates to sauce on your shirt. This new Italia Yachts model is as true to this generalisation as it is to its patriotic name.

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