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HH48 Catamaran For Sale

HH48 Performance Catamaran for Sale in New England

Introducing the HH48

Designed with the owner-operator in mind, the HH48 is a bluewater capable, fast cruiser with intelligent, yet simple systems. The HH48 will adhere to the principles of the HH Catamaran line – Morrelli & Melvin’s world renowned design, lightweight, high-tech construction, and luxurious finish. For the sailor who’s serious about safety, speed, comfort, technology and style, the HH48 will offer the best of all worlds in a compact, easy-to-manage package. The HH48 will be robustly built, fully equipped to take you around the world, in comfort and style.

Deck layout and sailing systems have been designed for short-handed sailing. Dual helm stations aft provide excellent visibility and allow the helmsman total sail control from either side of the boat. Push button mainsheet and self-tacking jib are standard. For those who wish to optimize performance, a powerful 520 sqft overlapping solent is optional. All line handling is done from the helm stations opening up the rest of the boat for living space. Future development will provide a new deck and interior layout allowing for the option of a forward helm station, a popular option which allows for total boat operation from the safety and comfort of the saloon. Like in the larger HH models, the HH48 will have curved “C” daggerboards with optional push-button controlled line drivers. Fully retracted boards will yield a draft of 2.25 ft (0.68m), allowing the boat to comfortably navigate shallow waters.

More Space or More Speed? You Don’t Have to Decide with the HH48 Super Cat

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LOA  –  14.9m / 48.89ft
LWL  –  14.44m / 47.38ft
BOA  –  7.51m / 24.64ft
Draft (Board Up)  –  0.68m / 2.23ft
Draft (Board Down)  –  3.50m / 11.48ft
Mast Clearance  –  23.65m / 77.59ft
Displacement Lightships  –  11000kg / 23000lb
Displacement Max Load  –  15000 kg / 33000lb


Main Sail  –  85.2m2 / 917.2 sqft
Self-Tacking Staysail  –  40.1m2 / 431.7sqft
Fractional Reacher  –  121.8m2 / 1311.2sqft
Overlapping Solent (optional)  –  48.3 m2 / 519.9sqft
Spinnaker (optional)  –  177.8m2 / 583.4sqft
Storm Jib (optional)  –  10.0m2 / 32.8sqft


Engines  –  2x Volvo D2-40 39.6hp /29.1kW Diesel or 15kW Electric
Batteries  –  Lithium Ion
Speed under power  –  9.5 knots
Cruising range at 7 knots  –  540 nm

* These specifications are preliminary and will be dependent on owner preferences.

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