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Grand Soleil 39 for Sale in New England

Cantiere del Pardo has always relied on top designers to develop projects with great personality, characterised by their excellent performance and unmistakable elegance. On the Grand Soleil 39’, water lines, sail plan and appendages were created by the America’s Cup Designer Claudio Maletto.The use of VPP and CFD programs enabled us to design a hull with a low wetted surface and a very efficient “T shape” keel. The result is a boat with an incredibly high ballast ratio which supports a powerful sail plan thus delivering performance and safety.

The construction techniques used to produce the new GS 39’ have taken full advantage of the latest technological innovations. The internal carbon-composite grid guarantees maximum stiffness, is highly resistant to torsional loads and keeps the boat light.

On the deck everything is conceived to obtain maximum performance without sacrificing comfort and safety. The “T” shape mainsheet system and non overlapping jib, allow an easy and precise control of the boat even with a reduced crew. Passengers’ comfort is guaranteed by a wide cockpit typical of bigger size boats and wide sidedecks. Below deck halyards, outboard chainplates and coachroof mounted jib tracks, keep the deck clear.

Characterized by customisable luxury and enriched with superyacht details, the GS 39’ is conceived to combine comfort, style and functionality below deck. Numerous natural light points, solid wood elements in alternation with white linear surfaces, all contribute to render the interior design of this yacht fresh, modern and bright.

The GS39 benefits from very refined design where every detail is well planned and executed to guarantee maximum comfort on board. The deck line is very flush, with recessed hatches and under deck tubes for halyards, reef lines and Jib sheets combining to create an elegant look and style that is truly timeless.

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LOA 12,20 m
LWL 10,40 m
Beam 3,70 m
Draft 2,40(2,00)* m
Displacement 7.350 Kg
Water 320 lt
Fuel 160 lt
Sail Area 82 (89)** m2
Power Volvo 29 hp sail drive

Grand Soleil 39 Review

Grand Soleil 39: Charming and Fast

By Michael Good

Sporty, elegant, and full of good ideas, the new Grand Soleil 39 exhibits qualities of a modern performance cruiser that set it apart from common cruising yachts.

grand-soleil-39Whenever the cold northerlies sweep through the Gulf of Genoa, it feels like getting hit on the back of the head in an ambush. It happens so quickly and unexpectedly, there’s hardly any time to react. While testing the new Grand Soleil 39 at Lavagna, the YACHT’s test crew was caught off-guard by such an assault. Within minutes, the offshore breeze jumped from 15 to 30 knots and more. One moment it was relaxed reaching under a code zero, then the large and fragile headsail had to be rolled up in a hurry to keep it from getting blown to shreds. At the time, the speedo showed 13 knots through the water.

On the way in, sailing hard on the breeze, it was clear that the aluminum stick was not tuned for the prototype. There wasn’t enough rig tension, the leeward shrouds were sagging badly, and the mast showed a nearly frightening amount of flex. Quickly the brand-new laminated main came down and was secured, as there was no chance to continue in a breeze that continued to freshen. Slowly, the auxiliary Volvo-Penta diesel pushed the boat home through choppy waters.