e Sailing Yachts e44

e Sailing Yachts e44

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Setting the new standard for performance cruising. Introducing the new e Sailing Yachts e44! Based on the many exciting design elements and features that have worked so brilliantly on the e33, the new e44 performance cruiser will exemplify our winning combination of performance, comfort and ease of handling. The innovative cockpit will feature a sail handling and lounging area as well as a below deck traveler to maximize comfort and ease of use. Owners will enjoy a smartly designed, spacious and well appointed cabin that can be customized to suit the owners wishes.
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e44 Specifications

Price: Contact us to discuss customizing your boat

LOA 44.87ft
LWL 35.83ft
Beam 12.50ft
Draft 8.00ft/5.75ft
Disp. 15,000lbs
Sail Area 1,120ft2/2,000ft2
e Sailing Yachts e44

e Sailing Yachts e44


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