e Sailing Yachts e33

e Sailing Yachts e33

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e332 Overview

Introducing the e33 squared edition. This next generation e33 shows off five years of design and sail handling innovations all wrapped up in one gorgeous boat. e Sailing Yachts worked with e33 owners, world class builders Lyman-Morse, innovative designers Persak & Wurmfeld and America’s Cup winning sail maker Robbie Doyle to produce the e33 squared edition, the finest daysailer ever to hit the water. Combining design innovation, performance, easy handling and comfort, the new e33 squared edition is an American made gem that meets the highest standards.

Easy Performance – Pure performance that’s sinfully easy. That’s what the e Sailing Yachts experience is all about. Our classically elegant, head-turning yachts deliver speed, ease of getting underway and stability under sail, whether going out for a family outing, solo sail, or race.

Innovation – The inspiration for e Sailing Yachts came from America’s Cup and Olympic veteran Robbie Doyle and yacht designer Jeremy Wurmfeld. Their motivation was to bring a new kind of sailing experience to market, creating a line of yachts that their clients would take pure delight in racing and sailing, every time. In other words, boats that do not compromise performance and speed for stability, comfort and ease.

Value – Robbie and Jeremy remain directly involved in design, building, sales and post sales support. World class boatbuilders Lyman-Morse of Thomaston, ME handcrafts each yacht, allowing us to customize each boat to the owner’s exacting preferences while still delivering the best value on the market.

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e332 Specifications

Price: Contact us to discuss customizing your boat

LOA 33.50ft
LWL 27.08ft
Beam 8.75ft
Draft 5.75ft/4.75ft
Disp. 5,900lbs
Sail Area 530ft2/1020ft2
e Sailing Yachts e33

e Sailing Yachts e33


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