e Sailing Yachts e27

e Sailing Yachts e27

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What you’ve been waiting for. We’ve heard the demand, and we’re listening! e Sailing Yachts has developed an e27 family daysailer. Like our e33, she has elegant lines, a large comfortable cockpit, easy sail handling and gives nothing away in performance.

Easy Performance. The e27 is designed for no-hassle sailing and is perfect for single handing. The sails can be easily raised and trimmed without winches. Her v-hull combined with high stability and high lift foils makes for a fast, dry ride. A carbon fiber mast with swept spreaders and no backstay allows for an ultra efficient flat top mainsail and easy to handle roller furling headsail.
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e27 Specifications

Price: Contact us to discuss customizing your boat

LOA 27.50ft
LWL 22.50ft
Beam 8.00ft
Draft 4.50ft/3.50ft
Disp. 2,750lbs
Sail Area 370ft2/740ft2
e Sailing Yachts e27

e Sailing Yachts e27


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