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Cabo Rico 38

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Cabo Rico 38 Overview

What is the true test of a classic? Time. The Cabo Rico 38, designed by W.I.B. Crealock more than 27 years ago, has proven herself again and again on the oceans and seas of the world to be a classic in every sense of the word.

Mr. Crealock reflected on his design and some of the attributes that have made the Cabo Rico 38 a true design classic: “The Cabo Rico 38 hull shape is the one in which everything came together best. Designed with a low profile to eliminate excessive freeboard, the 38 can make excellent headway in high wind conditions where reduced leeway is critical.”

Over the years, the design staff at Cabo Rico have developed a number of interiors to meet the demands of the sailing public. Most recently, with the advent of the smaller block Yanmar 56HP turbo engine, the interior was, again, re-engineered moving the engine from under the companionway to midships under the galley sink. The result: a galley that provides plenty of work space and storage (the cruising chef’s dream), a large, comfortable aft berth, and great engine access.

There is no other boat that elicits as many admiring looks whether she sits serenely dockside or glides gracefully into an anchorage….the paradigm for cruising yachts, she is a classic in the purest sense.

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Cabo Rico 38

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LOA 41′
LOD 38′
Beam 11’6″
Draft 5′
Disp. 21,500
Sail Area 969

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