Race A Virtual Sun Fast 3300 In The 52nd Newport Bermuda Race

It’s not too late to participate in the 52nd Newport Bermuda Race, and you can do it from the comfort of your living room! The Bermuda Race Organizing Committee has teamed up with Sailonline, a navigation-simulator game, to provide a virtual race that will mirror the 52nd Newport Bermuda Race.

Virtual competitors in the 2022 Online Newport Bermuda Race can choose to compete in one of four divisions, including a Sun Fast 3300 in the Double-Handed Division.

The 2022 Online Newport Bermuda Race offered by Sailonline is open to anyone around the world who wishes to race the fleet on the 635-nautical mile voyage to Bermuda in what is one of the most realistic sailing navigation simulator games on the internet. Gamers can enter any one of four divisions—Double-Handed, Finisterre (cruising), Gibbs Hill Lighthouse or St. David’s Lighthouse—depending on their preferred style of racing.

Register for the race at Sailonline. The portal is now open for pre-race practice. Prizes will be awarded to the top three in each division.

To be eligible for prizes and recognition, competitors should be sure to also register at Bermuda Race Prizes.

If you beat the real-time Alchemist to Bermuda,

BYS will provide half-day sailing training aboard the REAL Alchemist here in Newport.

Originally created in Sweden, Sailonline is a navigation-simulator game for ocean racing that provides a realistic, entertaining and educational platform for those who love the sea and sailing. The simulator runs in real time, which means that a race can be ongoing for days or even weeks. To enable realistic sailing, the weather in which the boats sail is authentic, along with both the charts and the boat’s performance. Hence, Sailonline lets you race the boats you otherwise just see from a distance.

One of the unique features of Sailonline is the ability to run different yacht polars in the same race, and as the Bermuda Race has traditionally been conducted in four major divisions, this year’s virtual race will again feature four divisions:

Double-Handed Division: Sun Fast 3300
Finisterre (Cruising) Division: Delphia 47
Gibbs Hill Lighthouse Division: Reichel/Pugh 66
St. David’s Lighthouse Division: First 44.7 Asymmetric

For more information about each yacht and a view of the polar diagram that will apply online, please click on the yacht type name.

Interested competitors are reminded to register both at Sailonline or the Bermuda Race website.