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National Sailing Hall of Fame Coming to the Newport Armory May of 2020

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The Armory in Newport, RI. Source: Providence Business News.

The National Sailing Hall of Fame is currently located in Annapolis, Maryland. The 26 member board voted on

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Gary Jobson, National Sailing Hall of Fame Executive Director. Source: Door County Pulse.

Tuesday to relocate the Hall of Fame to The Newport Armory in Newport, RI. The vote passed 17-9. Members of the board asked questions during a 1 hour and 45 minute teleconference hosted by Gary Jobson, the Hall of Fame’s Executive Director. On August 8 the Newport Council approved a purchase-and-sales agreement to sell a large portion of the Armory to the Sailing Hall of Fame.

The Armory Antique Marketplace which currently resides in the Armory will be relocating. According to

“Under the purchase-and-sales agreement, the hall of fame will pay the city $1.685 million for the main floor and second floor of the Armory at 365 Thames St., which will be transferred to the Sailing Hall of Fame as “Condominium Unit B” and added to the property tax rolls of the city. The hall of fame will use the space as a not-for-profit museum, the agreement says. The city will retain ownership of the Newport Maritime Center in the basement, “Condominium Unit A,” which is level with the beach area in the back, under a condominium agreement approved by the parties last month.”


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