2016 leukemia cup regatta logo

Leukemia Cup Newport Regatta

2016 leukemia logo
BYS sponsors a team every year to raise money for the Leukemia Lymphoma Society and this year we appreciate your help.  BYS also matches every contribution so your donation has a double value to this important cause.  Our goal this year is $5,000 and we have exceeded that in years past due to the kindness of your support.
This year we are offering a race position on one of the fastest race boats in the area and a lottery for Volvo Race signed, limited edition, beautiful canvas prints shown below.
An Opportunity for Race participation on the HH42
This is a unique sailing race day on the water this Saturday with an excellent crew that has won an event last year on a new HH42, all carbon fiber race boat.
Donate $1,000 and climb aboard to enjoy a fun day of racing and know your donation is going to a great cause.
BYS will match your donation.  There is only one spot available and so first $1,000 wins.
Hakes HH42 Race
OR – Donate $100 and your name will be placed in a lottery for one of two beautiful canvas prints of the Volvo Ocean Race here from last year.  These prints are signed by the photographer and are limited editions.  If you wish to donate more than $100, you will increase your chances of winning based upon increments of $100.
Your choice of canvas prints either large measuring 46″ x 32″ or medium 36″ x 24″.


Leukemia Cup Donation Page

Every donation counts, so regardless of your support we thank you in advance and appreciate your continued assistance to make this year’s event a financial success for the Leukemia Lymphoma Society.  And BYS matches all contributions.
Your donation will be totally confidential.
If you made it this far then I will also add part of our tens of thousands we have raised over the past ten years is in part in memory of my father, Gordon Walters, who died several years ago from a form of Lymphoma but he lived fully until age of 79 in part because of GOD’s grace and the medical assistance available to him.
Sincerely, Glenn Walters