Flash HH66 Catamaran Hull Number 5

“Flash” HH66 Catamaran Hull Number 5 is Launched!

HH Catamarans launched HH66-05 ‘Flash’ on June 27, in Xiamen. The flush bimini, forward helm and working cockpit and bonus bucket seats and tillers make this the slickest 66 yet. Sea trials commenced later in the week, take a look! 

Faster, stronger, smarter and more lavishly appointed than anything that’s come before it, the HH66 sets a new standard for luxury cruising and performance.

HH Catamarans wanted to build the ultimate sailing machine. They asked is it all about speed, aesthetics or comfort? The answer was a resounding “all of the above!” so they created a cruising cat that will outperform anything of equivalent size and class – anywhere.

Generous interior spaces and clever use of ultra-modern materials bring a level of luxury not found on any other cruising catamaran. Every line, every curve has been carefully considered and meticulously reworked to achieve the ultimate alchemy of beauty, performance and luxury.

Please contact us if you would like to see HH66 “Nala”, hull number 3. She will be available in New England for showings this summer.

We also invite you to contact us regarding the HH55 which will also be available for showings.

Both models will be at the Newport Boat Show in September.

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