CNB 76 yacht for sale at Dusseldorf Show

CNB 76 at Dusseldorf Boat Show – Yacht Sales Ahead of Budgets

The all new CNB 76 Super Yacht will be at the Dusseldorf Boat Show at the last week of January. Hard to imagine that 76 foot super yachts are displayed at the Dusseldorf Boat show but this has been going on for decades making this show one of the best in the world.

CNB 76 yacht for sale at Dusseldorf Show

Hull number eight of the CNB 76 was displayed at the Paris Boat show and now being moved to and displayed at the Dusseldorf Boat Show. This super yacht has been one of the most successful selling yachts in the past two years for her size. She is being built in an all new production factory in Bordeaux, France where CNB is headquartered. The new production facility for the CNB 76 is also unique insofar as the manufacturing methods being used are stated of art and confidential.

CNB 76 Super Yacht for sale

For more information on the CNB 76 or her smaller sister, the CNB 60, please contact Bluenose Yachts in one of our six locations in New England.

Alternatively, go to our web page for the CNB 76.