This was the overall Pittman Sail magazine award this year

They say great things come in small packages, and this is definitely the case with the new PanPan MOB system, which employs any and all of a crew’s existing tablets and phones to track an errant crewmember in the event he or she goes over the side. In addition to its low cost and diminutive size, what really impressed our Overall Winner judges was its ease of use, not only for the skipper and other seasoned salts, but for newbies as well. It’s long been said that safety devices are only truly effective if you 1) actually use them and 2) know how they work. PanPan’s creators have solved both of these problems in a way that is both elegant and cleverly efficient…


A Standard Horizon VHF with AIS Transponder

While building the first VHF radio combined with a Class B AIS transceiver may have been enough of a challenge in and of itself for some manufacturers, Standard Horizon went even further by adding unique remote station capabilities. The GX6500 can support two RAM4 wired mics or one wired and up to four RAM4W wireless mics. All stations can intercom with each other and provide full control of the base station, including access to all the VHF and AIS data as seen on the base’s big screen, which can also be shared with other boat screens via NMEA 2000 and 0183. Moreover, the GX6500 can record and play back up to two minutes of recently received VHF audio….for more information go to: SAIL MAGAZINE

A new thru hull speed transducer that ALSO measures slip for racing and non racing performance.

Accurately measuring leeway is arguably the holy grail of performance sailing analysis, and now Airmar thinks it has found the solution in a solid-state electromagnetic technology already used to monitor commercial fishing trawls. The DX900+ Multilog can purportedly determine both longitudinal and transverse speed through the water with nearly 0.1 knot accuracy, thereby delivering precise real-time leeway speed and angle numbers. Retractable for cleaning, the MultiLog also contains a water temperature sensor,…

For more detailed information go to : SAIL MAGAZINE

And finally, not yet award winning but perhaps will be soon

A solar powered, easy to install, ultra sonic wind device.

It has no wires, is super compact, and weighs only 130 grams, so
you can mount it practically anywhere. Installation and set up is
done in a matter of minutes. The 4 ultrasonic transducers register
wind flow with very high accuracy and sensibility, and since the
device has no moving parts it is extremely durable.A range
of onboard sensors along with the GPS in yoursmartphone/tablet
enables the device to compensate for pitch, yaw and roll. This
ensure accuratemeasurements of both apparent and
true wind even when sailing in rough sea.
For more information go to: VANUUD MFG WEBSITE