De Antonio Yachts – A fun wow factor, reasonably priced; with hidden outboard.

Okay – every once in a while we find a design that brings a big smile to our face. The DeAntonio Yacht company produces such an exciting, innovative and contemporary product line that it deserves our attention and representation. Beginning with the D23 there are three different models and layouts. All of them have a nicely hidden outboard engine that keeps the costs down and maintains the WOW Italian styling. Above the D23 there is a D33 and a D43 typically with inboard engines and again the contemporary European modern style.

While this is obviously not a “fun” boat for everyone, we have no doubt everyone would still have fun with a D23 and you will make a statement. Boating is supposed to be fun and expressive so why not?

Afterall, you can purchase a variety of run of the mill, center console, garden variety boats, but for sure no matter where you like to motor to in a D23 it will be a show stopper, a conversation piece and for many a work of art that is just plain FUN to drive, FUN to look at and FUN to own.

So, let’s order a few for this spring. You can select nearly any color you like and any engine you prefer.

VISIT us at the Miami Boat show later this week. Ask for Glenn Walters; or call me at 401 855 4355 or email at gjw@bluenoseyachts.com. For more details go to our website: BYS De Antonio Yachts