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Best Marine Navigation APPS

Which Navigation Apps are the best? Or which Navigation Apps do we currently prefer?

For more than a decade we have all been using various different software packages for marine navigation. And every year they have become more powerful, less expensive and easier to use. Consequently, whether it is on your computer or part of your GPS installed system aboard your boat, most of us can barely live without when on the water.

Amazingly enough, this technology for chart plotting and marine piloting has become widespread for cell phones, smart phones, tablets, etc. What I never understand is how these simple, easy to install new marine navigation APPS can make money, but that is not part of this BLOG.

The good news is there are dozens available on line today and many are FREE. Even those that are not free are often very inexpensive, less than $20, or even the most expensive ones rarely exceed $50. What an incredible value compared to the hundreds of dollars I have spent in the past, if not thousands, for similar tools that were not as transportable.

Today, you can pick from the following list:
iNavX – 49.99
SEAiq – 24.99
SEANAV Link – 19.99
Navplay – 4.99 plus
GARMIN – 29.99
Nobletec – FREE PLUS
EarthNC – 19.99

Well, I can honestly say I have used many of the above but not all. I have read reviews of all of them and have read other blogs who have rated all of them. Honestly, I am never sure if the writers of these reviews and blogs have any vested interest in what they are rating, but I do know I have no vested interest in any of them.

I just enjoy nautical tech stuff and love it when I find one that is easy to use and powerful for minimum cost.

Hence, my choice of the above list has been Navionics. I like the free version, I like the upgrades that have minimum cost and I like the fact you can also go to their website on your computer and have free access to much of the chart use you might require.

So, your are welcome to test any and all of them or go to NAVIONICS website. You can also find it by searching APPLE or DROID app stores.