CNB Yachts

April : Deliveries follow each other in front of the CNB yard

Tourists who’ve been having a boat ride on the Garonne were able to admire a number of beautiful yachts positioned in front of the CNB yard in Bordeaux.

At the end of this month of April, and in front of a very active yard, 3 CNB yachts are moored alongside the docks: the Bordeaux 60 n° 36, the Bordeaux 60 n°40 and the CNB 76 n°2. Those yachts are currently being commissioned for delivery to their owners, and will then join two other Bordeaux 60 in La Rochelle, to get ready for sailing around Spain towards the Mediterranean sea for the summer season (they will meet Porquerolles at the end of June for the CNB Rendezvous