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2015 – Best Year Ever for USA Yacht Sales ?

To some it may come as a surprise that 2014 for yacht and boating sales in the USA was a watershed year. During the economic implosion of 2008/2009 boat and yacht sales world wide literally collapsed as much as 90% in some European countries. Since that time the boating industry has clawed its way back inch by inch, year by year. In some European countries their boat sales have yet to recover due to their own economic travails as in Greece. However, boat sales in the USA for product leaders such as the Beneteau/Jeanneau Group reached all time records in 2014.

Suddenly, 2015  promises to be a record boat sales year because the USA consumer is going to be a beneficiary of  lower prices made available by the recent strength of the USD.  With continued low interest rates and significant deals being made available by off shore manufacturers, 2015 can be the best year ever to purchase a new boat or yacht. Equally true is the opportunity to purchase a used boat in Europe at low prices and then import to the USA.

In both of these cases, Bluenose Yacht Sales, not only recognizes this opportunity but also has the experience and contacts in Europe to facilitate such purchases, transport and logistics of importation.  Email me: bluenoseyachts@gmail.com  or call 401 855 4355 – Glenn Walters, Managing Partner

Currently, Bluenose Yacht Sales represents many European brands for power and sailing yachts.  Hence, as never before if you are considering a new boat purchase, 2015 will be possibly the BEST year ever to purchase.   Contact us for power boats/yachts such as RHEACapelli RIBSDeAntonio Yachts, or SEALEGS.   Alternatively, our sailing yachts and boats include JeanneauSalonaHH CatamaransCNB YachtsHH 42 RaceS&S 30, and several others.

In the United States, many boat manufacturers and importers in 2014 regained their revenue levels to pre 2008 economic implosion levels.   The 2014 USA boat sales results were a direct reflection of the USA economic resurgence where the stock market reached record levels and housing in many regions has returned to a boom mentality while interest rates remained at historic low levels. What better time to buy your next boat or yacht?

Needless to say, the above trends did not go unnoticed by many of the world wide boat manufacturers and consequently the number of brands being imported grew substantially. Sadly, over the past ten years the USA domestic boat building industry has not fared so well due to many factors of non-competitiveness, insufficient economies of scale, lack of production automation and efficiencies combined with moribund designs and mediocre innovation.

This trend of robust boat sales by off shore manufacturers suddenly today has now been given a huge dose of adrenaline as a result of the strength of the USD versus the euro. Who imagined even six months ago the euro would collapse in value by nearly 30%. Recent economic articles from Deutche Bank, Morgan Stanley, etc are predicting further weakness in the euro over the next one to two years, but then again what do they know? What we can be sure of right now is a 30% strengthening of the dollar versus the euro creates huge opportunities for non USA manufacturers to capture more market share for boat sales in the USA in 2015.

Consequently, the boat buying consumer in the United States has the opportunity of a life time to purchase their next new boat or yacht at significant discounts and at continued low interest rates until of course the FED alters their interest rate policy perhaps later in 2015. This boat buying opportunity is readily available now for new boats but could also trickle over to the used market both in the USA and in Europe. Such a trickle down affect can occur as new boat prices in the USA decrease to reflect euro weakness and applies pricing pressure to the used boat market in the USA. Of course, any boat buyer in the USA can readily take advantage of the dollar’s strength by purchasing a used boat in Europe where the used market has been languishing anyway for the past five or more years.

Purchasing in Europe can be advantageous in particular when the purchase price exceeds $400,000 and your currency savings then is in excess of $100,000 which helps to defray some of the additional costs incurred to transport and import a boat from Europe.

Contact us for either new or brokerage both for purchasing in the USA or overseas.  We will listen to your preferences and find the right next boat and at a savings.

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