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2017 New England Jeanneau Owners Rendezvous

Join Us!

The 2017 New England Jeanneau Owners Rendezvous is on!

Join us Friday, July 14 at Dutch Harbor Marina in Jamestown! Hop from boat-to-boat in your dinghy while you share drinks, snacks and mingle with friends!

Saturday, July 15 Everyone will rally at The Oar on Block Island. Under the tent there will be hors d’oeuvres as well as a cash bar.

On Sunday, July 16 join us for Coffee and Doughnuts at Paynes on Block Island!

Prizes will be awarded to Rally Leaders, or those who are the first to arrive at Block Island. There will also be prizes as well as for DFL!

T-shirts and other giveaways, too!

For tickets please call Steve Fischer at 401-300-2988, tickets are $80 per adult.

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