W. Scott Rocknak

Scott Rocknak

W. Scott Rocknak, Sales Partner

It’s been my pleasure to train husband & wife teams in their new boat for over 35 years. Be it right “out of the box”, well-traveled, or simply transitioning sail to power, converting the complex into second hand is a speciality that is always exciting to share. The experience of involvement with over 2000 boats, and the people enamored with them, makes it an easy effort to quickly let you feel at home.

Having extensively cruised Canada to the Caribbean, be it in sailboats, trawlers, or Downeast designs, its possible to identify with your requirements doing the same. Coming from a technical background, including literally every system aboard modern boats have to offer, the knowledge download is always eagerly shared and is readily available to assist with your acquisition. Buying a boat is an enthralling experience. Having personally owned and restored over 15 of them, that excitement is vibrantly alive. The current steed is a 38’ triple cabin sloop that just completed an action packed adventure scuba diving and cruising the Bahamas while homeschooling two kids! Nothing is better than taking off to the blue beyond or simply capturing that moment of a perfect local weekend.

It’s always been a personal philosophy that a boat is a unique means of transport that takes you where you long to be. We are so fortunate to live in an area rich with history, beauty, and diverse landfalls.

It’s with great pleasure to be working with Glenn and the Bluenose team. Our relationship reaches back eleven years with both new and brokerage sales. Bringing these fantastic product lines to Northern New England couldn’t be more fun.

On Deck with Scott Rocknak