Bruce McArthur

bruce mcarthur

Bruce McArthur, Sales Partner

I fell in love with the sport as a boy sailing Long Island Sound on my family’s Snipe. At summer camp in Rhode Island, when other kids were shooting, swimming and water skiing, I was hanging out at the boat shed, offering to help and hoping for more time on the water.

My current passions include team racing and one design fleet racing in my Sonar. As president of the Sonar class, I am able to reach out to others around the world. I love how people of different cultures can connect through our shared passion for sailing.

Working with Glenn on marketing for the past five years allowed me to see first hand the creativity, talent and experience of the Bluenose Yacht Sales team.

Owning the right boat is critical to enjoying the sport. As a BYS sales partner, I can help make that happen… I couldn’t be happier about it.

On Deck with Bruce McArthur